I won’t say I’m a genius, others have, but I don’t feel appreciated.  I’ve tried my hand out in politics.  The recent campaign between David Weprin and Bob Turner gave me a chance to get involved and so I did.  I felt degraded as a volunteer, I felt like a pawn in the game of political hacks.  It was disgusting, I think the candidate was genuine, but his staff was terrible.  They treated me like a baby and gave me the crap they feed the press, I could see right past them.

I could see right past the crap they tried to feed me.  The internal polls were manipulated, by adjusting demographics to change perceptions, given what the real numbers were.  Both campaigns were guilty of this.  David Weprin’s campaign lied about the numbers, to not look like they were collapsing!  Bob Turner’s campaign lied about the number, to not look like they were leading!  The way they did was by targeting specific households that represent the district.  In both cases, they picked households to create a specific perception.  They knew how the poll was going to be and made sure to make it look that way.

I don’t feel valued as a volunteer, I feel like I’ve been a pawn of someone else’s egotistical quest.  I don’t know if the candidate realized what happened, but I’m stunned, absolutely stunned by what was allowed to happen.

Most volunteers are dumb and buy into the crap, but I think it should have been obvious I wasn’t falling for it, but they kept trying to spoon feed me.  I wanted to help, because I wanted to feel I was making a difference and I get the feeling the staff doesn’t care about trying to make it look like they cared about the volunteers.

Offer help to a desperate campaign and they’ll acknowledge you.  Offer help to a campaign leading, they’ll forget about you.  It won’t get you anywhere, but neither gets America anywhere.