I don’t believe you…

You’re a liar…

Play fucking loud

Lady Gaga made some noise with her new song, Judas.  This time of year is supposed to be about the resurrection of Christ, at least for Christians.  On this day, the Bible says he died.  He was betrayed by Judas, a disciple.  But was Judas following god’s plan?  Judas and Jesus is a classic story of friendship and betrayal.  This relation has been the topic of many good songs, everyone feels a little inflated about themselves, everyone feels like we’ve got our own personal Judas, someone who betrayed us but how often is it the other way around?  How often are we the ones in need of redemption?

I’ll tell you something
Things you never had you’ll never miss
Tell you something else, a brave man will kill you with a sword
A coward with a kiss