My problem with TicketMaster was alluded to in a earlier post. It remains one of the worst elements of music today. I was one of those people who were suckered out of Working on a Dream tour tickets. Since that time, I haven’t had a good chance to see Bruce, nor have I really cared.

I did complain. Just not to the Attorney General. I complained to the Better Business Bureau. If I complained to the AG I would have gotten a settlement of a $100 gift card or access to buy Springsteen tickets. What did I get? An investigation from BBB that led nowhere. Since that time I’ve come to realize BBB is a scam.

I’m good at getting tickets, when the game is fair. With Springsteen tickets were up on scalping sites before the general sale. That broke all rules of fairness.

According to Ticketmaster, it’s cheaper for them to print my tickets? I don’t get how, or why, but apparently they find it cheaper to print your tickets. To print at home, you have to pay more! I buy events well in advance and don’t have this problem with having to get the tickets immediately. They know when you can’t wait, you’ll print yourself. When you do that, you will pay more.

I have a HUGE problem with STUBHUB. It’s not right that the ticket middleman has another middleman site. Ticketmaster is no longer a middleman, it’s an even man. First the artist or team places tickets on sale, then ticketmaster arranges for the scalper to buy it, then the scalper sells it to you via ticketmaster. Apparently, our government doesn’t see the problem in this. They have a vested interest in making sure you resell your tickets, they get their cut twice. This isn’t a courtesy service, this is a pure hard cash creating revenue.

I repeat, the process is like this

Ticketmaster (takes fees for the service)
Scalper (jacks up the price to make a profit)
Stubhub [owned by Ticketmaster] (takes fees for this service)

See where things get screwed? We live in a bad economy because some people aren’t working real jobs, they’re just seeing where they can get money from you.

A fair system would be the Artist can sell tickets to you directly. An acceptable situation is where Ticketmaster sells the tickets to you, taking a reasonable cost for server expenses. If you cannot make the concert, Ticketmaster would allow you to return your ticket, keeping a small amount and place the tickets for sale again. Unsold tickets would either hurt the artist, or result in no issuance of a refund. A fair risk. This would allow Ticketmaster to open sales up again.

And let us gift tickets to friends! That would be a nice thing to be able to do and wouldn’t be hard to program. The problem is scalpers wouldn’t like it, because they couldn’t do it right at checkout and would show themselves in such mass quantities.

Ticketmaster is a monopoly. It should never have been allowed to get so big and it is a part of music that just plain sucks.