I like music, well mostly.  I don’t like some of the rubbish that gets called music these days.  Anyone who like music these days, has to kowtow to the plastic gods of vinyl.  Don’t know why, it’s supposed to be a new “sonic” experience, a revelation that will shatter the dimensions of my hearing and awaken a deep truth within.  I guess, I’ll have to buy a record player.  Before that, I guess, I should pick up a nice collection of music to listen to.  Well that would make Record Store Day just the thing for me!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.  I did find the one album I most wanted, but New York feels like a musical wasteland.  Strange, because of the great roots of music in the city, but I don’t see a store that’s a truly great music store.  I saw the list in Rolling Stone, but I wasn’t going to go to Other Records today, the line wrapped around the corner of the block, I wasn’t going to be creating a vinyl collection waiting so desperately for my musical fix.  Besides, the store isn’t all that great.  It’s small and carries music that caters to a crowd that isn’t drawing from the same creative pool as what I want.

I started my musical mecca with a stop at J&R.  They sucked.  They had a good amount of the titles I wanted, but they were apparently sold out.  See, I didn’t have a voucher.  No chance for Springsteen, Beach Boys, Dylan or any of the music that goes behind the counter.  They had multiple copies of all albums, but apparently the vouchers had all been claimed.  I didn’t see anyone buying them, probably flippers waiting to bring their vans in.  But why would J&R care?  They’ll make the sale.

They weren’t even really celebrating the day.  They had a bin for the releases and I saw some things that piqued my interest, but found most of them easy to resist.  I did decide, that I’d pick up Bob Dylan’s Black Friday 45 rpm, the red vinyl Times They Are A-Changin’/Like a Rolling Stone.  The store had at least a dozen of them in the bin for “Record Store Day” and I decided I’d rather buy it at J&R then on eBay with flippers.  I gave a call to customer support, asking about the voucher policy, since I didn’t want to bother the cashiers about it, after three transfers, I was told what I had already figured out.  Wasn’t that big a deal to me, it’s Manhattan, I’ll check the other stores and decide where I want to go.

Too many stores were neglected by corporations or too anti-establishment to partake in Record Store Day, so it took a good while to find a store that had the deals going on.  Other Records was busy, with the line I described.  But I found one store that was doing pretty well.  I think it was A-1 records.  To my surprise, they didn’t have a long line, apparently the crowds had thinned out by now, it was 1PM and I had walked a fair amount in the slight drizzle.

I saw Bob Dylan Brandeis, but decided not to get it.  I was skeptical of getting it before.  Pre-eminent Dylan scholar Greil Marcus provides linear notes for something I got for free for getting Bootleg Series Volume 9 on Amazon!  I could care less, I want the music, I don’t need to know what one person interprets it to mean.  I find it great to listen to music that has a history to it, when the history is presented well.  Bob Dylan can do it, check out Theme Time Radio or his Artist’s Choice contribution for proof, or read Chronicles and listen to some of the music he mentions.  Greil Marcus, whom I don’t know nor actually care to read about why he’s so good, probably can’t.  I got the music before and I’m happy with it like that.

They had Hank III, who is an amazing voice in country music today.  I was very tempted but, I’m not quite ready to make the plunge to vinyl.  I’d definitely pick his albums up if vinyl were my main way of listening to music.

They had Bruce Springsteen and “Gotta Get that Feeling” which comes from a webcast.  I admit, I wanted to be part of the webcast audience.  I like Bruce, I’ve seen him live, but I’m still kind of pissed about the TicketMaster incident, where I apparently don’t get a settlement because I only complained to the BetterBusinessBureau, I won’t make that mistake again, but maybe I just won’t buy tickets to see Bruce.  The webcast was unfortunately lame.  It lacked a lively crowd, that’s the kind of crowd I want for a Bob Dylan concert, not Bruce.  I’ll leave my rant on TicketMaster another day.  I saw this LP? (not up with Vinyl lingo) at J&R, for $15.  I got it for $7!  I guess the flippers missed out on A-1.

I was also ready to consider Green Day, Roy Orbison, Beach Boys and a few other RSD items, but couldn’t find them.  Maybe my vinyl collection will grow by next year, but there are some things Record Store Day has to do…

1 – It needs to improve distribution to real independent stores, J&R has gotten too big for the independent scene and seems to be a strong hog on real resources.  So what if a store can’t sell everything in the day, it can only add to the wonder if in some unknown time someone stumbles upon that rare record.

2 – Limit it to one of each item per person.  This would help stop flippers.

3 – Treat it as a launch party, not as a one time thing.  Have more printings of the singles/albums, or make Record Store Day part of the conversation.  Music is a discussion, not a contest to see who can get what.

The best way to improve RSD in NY would be to move Third Man Records to NY.  Or at least have them open a satellite branch.  They seem like the most AWESOME store in America for music.  New York used to have a vibrant studio scene.  It was Bob Dylan who pointed out in 2001 that his opinion of NY shouldn’t be too hard to figure out, he either wrote or recorded his songs in the city.  I admit, a few days before RSD, I decided to check out what I could buy at Third Man Records, get a feel for records.

Carl Sagan – Glorious Dawn

They sell it!  When I saw that, I was sort of biased towards buying it.  I also picked up a Jack White single, but Glorious Dawn is one of my favorite songs.  I usually hate the manufactured production of Autotune and such, but something about that musical creation amazes me.  I’ve admired the 7″ single that I got, marveling at the package.  The art of the cover (and back) only adds to it.

I might have to venture to Nashville to go to a good record store.  I might just have to explore around New York a little more, try to figure my terms and understand the LP side of music culture a little more.

Record Store Day could be so much more, if it only were to let itself be.

Writing this, I have wondered if I have dormant anger issues, hopefully other posts will be a little more positive!